A Result of Environmental Pollution Is Organ And Joint Transplants!

This morning on the news the big story of the day was how many thousand of people that are waiting for an organ transplant. The kicker was that some of these people would die before their organ was available.

Are Organ Transplants Really Required?

The human body is a real miracle. My philosophy is if we remove the environmental pollution, that I call the “root cause of disease,” from the person, replace the nutrition that has been lost, the body will heal itself. Do I have any scientific bases for this statement, not really? I do have some practical experiences that convince me that this is possible.

What Are The Outside Toxins That Need To Be Removed?

After World War II every thing was scientific using chemicals. Most of the medicines are made from chemicals. Some scientists extracted portions of herbs to affect the symptom of an ailment or disease. Our atmosphere is polluted with chemicals, heavy metals and other types of toxins. Every thing is sprayed with chemicals to get rid of bugs and fungi. We breathe in all kinds of gas fumes. The big question is, can our bodies get rid of these toxins by themselves. Even though the body can do miraculous things, it cannot get rid these toxins on it’s own.

How Does The Body Get Rid Of These Elements?

I use herbal supplements to remove these environmental pollutions from the body and stimulate the self-healing process by replacing nutrition that has been lost. All cultures have used herbs for these purposes with good results for thousands of years. If the herbs were not effective, they wouldn’t have remained so popular. There isn’t a lot of effort by the medical society to use herbs. Why? Because there is very little money to be made using herbs and the word ‘cure’ is not in their vocabulary.

“Root Cause Of Disease”

For the past twenty years, I have been working with herbs. I use Kinesiology that is a phenomenon. It is a procedure that has been used for the last fifty years. Kinesiology literally means the study of the body movements. It is a holistic approach to balancing the movement and interaction of a person’s energy. Using this procedure, I can measure the condition of any part of a person’s body, regardless where they are located. Spirit knows no time, place or distance. As long as you demand, the truth you will get the truth.

There are 10 environmental pollutants that I refer to as the “Root Cause of Disease.” These conditions are:

1. Asbestos – Used as insulation until the late 1990s, military ships and planes.

2. Mutated bacteria. – This is bacteria that has mutated from antibiotics.

3. Mutated virus -This is virus that has mutated from antibiotics.

4. Chemicals- There are all kinds of chemicals.

5. Heavy Metals – The most serious are mercury, lead, & arsenic.

6. Affects of gas- gas fumes, carbon monoxide.

7. Narcotics- administered for pain or recreation.

8. Radiation- most common is from x-rays, or nuclear radiation.

9. Mold and mildew – In buildings, or in rain forests.

10. Toxins – An antigenic poison or venom of plant or animal origin, especially produced are derived from microorganisms and causing disease Sunshine Organics.

How Are These Root Causes of Disease Removed From The Body?

One thing for sure, they cannot be removed with medicine that is chemical. For the past 20 years, I have been using herbal supplements produced by The Nature’s Sunshine Products, that I found to be of the best quality. They have a great selection of supplements. The herbs that I most use are: Heavy Metal Detox, Mega-Chel, Una De Gato, Yucca, Nopal, Red Raspberry and Pau D’Arco. The exact supplement and the amount needed are determined with the use of Kinesiology. The ‘root causes’ begin with an imbalance in the body, affecting every person differently. Small changes that do not resolve become large changes. The imbalances can show as pain, muscle weakness and dysfunction of organs or joints. The dysfunction becomes greater as time goes on. When you seek medical attention the doctor will at some point recommend a replacement.

How Does This Effect The Organ or Joints That Needs The Transplant?

Any number of the “Root Causes Of Disease” has caused the organ or joint to fail. It began with a small amount of environmental pollution at first. It keeps building up and infecting the organs and joints until they reach the point of failure. The body is designed to self-heal or bounce back but evolution has not equipped the body to handle the environmental pollution. The medical solution is cut it out and get transplant. The better solution is to remove the cause of the disease with herbs and allow the body to start healing. The body does not have the natural ability to remove the 10 Root Causes on its own.

Then providing nutrition and especially amino acids, will let the body heal. Healing, or correcting imbalances, is a ‘PROCESS’ that is natural. The whole process may take several months but it only takes a short time to know if it is beneficial. I’ll place my bet on the herbs.

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